Let us work with your school or business to create a beautiful and stylish magazine or newsletter, indicative of your unique mission and appealing to your audience. Whether a print or e-publication, we love to turn a blank document into an engaging and page-turning work of art.

Educational Marketing

As lovers of learning, there’s a fond place in our hearts for the creation of educational marketing materials. Freestyle Designs is an expert in the design and execution of materials for your admissions department.

We love to learn about what makes your school special and translate that into a powerful visual demonstration. Our pieces are as unique as your mission and specifically targeted for your prospective students. E-versions of the materials are a fabulous feature for your school’s website and are easily shared via social media.

Mount de Sales Academy Admissions Book 2016-2017
St. John Regional Catholic School Admissions Book
Mount de Sales Academy Admissions Book 2014-2015
View from the Cupola v.32 i.3
Mount St. Joseph Hall of Fame 2016
View from the Cupola v.32 i.1
View from the Cupola v.31 i.3
View from the Cupola v.31 i.1
View from the Cupola v.30 i.3
View from the Cupola v.30 i.1
Mount St. Joseph Hall of Fame 2013
View from the Cupola v.29 i.3

Annual Reports

Data can be beautiful! Donors and supporters of your organization deserve the proper recognition and we are experts at creating pieces that are appealing, attractive, and informative. Our designs are also sensitive to the fact that an annual report should not LOOK expensive!

The Scholar 2016
MDSA Annual Report v.32 i.2
The John Carroll School FY 2015
The Scholar 2015
MDSA Annual Report v.31 i.2
MDSA Annual Report v.30 i.2


First impressions are priceless. Impress YOUR future clients with informative and striking sales materials. You want a piece that not only tells the story of your company, but is also compelling and memorable.

We will work with you to create materials that best serve your needs and budget. Beyond print publications, we also create e-versions of your collateral for efficient and polished distribution via e-mail, your website, or social media.

The IAAM’s 2017-2018 Handbook
SugarBakers Cakes Look Book
A&G Design’s Sales Brochure
Certified Incorporated’s Sales Brochure


From Annual Giving mailers to major Capital Campaign projects, a gorgeous and crisp brochure will engage your potential donors and excite individuals about the project at hand.

Let us help you bring your plan to life with beautiful fundraising collateral provided to you in a cost-effective and timely manner. YOU believe in the validity and importance of your project and we are excited to help you visually portray that magnitude. We are well-versed in creating compelling publications that clearly demonstrate the significance of your project.

E-versions of your fundraising and campaign materials are also a great way to help donors link directly to your site and make use of your online giving capabilities.

Mount de Sales Academy’s 2014 Annual Appeal
Mount St. Joseph’s 2014 Annual Appeal
Mount de Sales Academy’s Capital Campaign Book